Desert Flower Blooms

Desert Flower Blooms

Friday, September 6, 2013


I made a commitment Sept. 1, 2013 that I was going to do this, once and for all. I realized that every time I start on a weight loss journey, I give up. I let go of all that I have accomplished and go back to really bad habits. Sunday, I finally decided, enough is enough. I cannot live like this. I have become a virtual hermit. AND THAT IS NOT ME! 

In my mind I am an active, healthy, fun, and loving person. In my daily life.... NOT so much! I want the inner me to shine on the outside. It is so frustrating to watch life pass me by. I am sitting on the sidelines and I want in the game. So.... Change is Coming! 

The last few days I have watched my calorie intake, and DONE some sort of activity. I am feeling better about me and I am noticing changes in my body's ability to move! I am taking care of me. 

I know this poundage won't come off over night. That's okay. I have resolved that every day I am going to do a little more and make better food choices. Eventually, I will reach my ultimate goal--a happy, healthy, out-going ME! The REAL me! 

Yep! Change is happening and More Change is Coming.