Desert Flower Blooms

Desert Flower Blooms

Thursday, July 18, 2013


The last couple of days have been very quiet around here.  Nothing much going on really.  Hot, humid, no rain. 

Monday I had a doctor's appointment to have some blood drawn.  My thyroid is way out of whack and so we are trying to get the medicine adjusted so my thyroid starts working correctly.  I also, have an open wound that I wanted the doctor to look at.  Turns out that I was prescribed antibiotics (which I hate) and she wants to see me again next week.  

It appears that the antibiotics are working because I can see some healing but....I have been feeling horrible due to the medicine.  I have had to post-pone some of my online students.  It has been hard.  Hopefully, Thursday things will be better and I won't have to do anything further.  If it is not to the doctor's liking then I will have to have a mammogram.
Now this is not good news.  However, I will keep praying.  I know that Hashem has everything under control.

Big hugs to all and more later.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Total Upset

Well, this will just be a quick note update our status.
#1  We did NOT get on the train and move to Missouri.... very, very long story and many tears shed.
#2 We DID move though.  We moved in with my father in La Grange, Texas.  We spent a wonderful 6 months with him.  So thankful for all he did for us and the love and support he gave us....without condemnation and "I told you sos."   During this time my mother died.  May her memory be blessed.  Very difficult for all of us.  But so grateful that her pain is over.  Thank You Hashem.
#3 We MOVED once again, in April to Center, TX.  Richard is the radio news director for Center Broadcasting Company and has ventured into the sales aspect as well.   We love it here.
#4  And finally the shocker. Most of people consider us we are making it official.  We have found a wonderful synagogue in Tyler and we are becoming Jewish by Choice.  It is a year-long process and we are just beginning.  So this blog will contain many things that we are learning as we take this awesome journey.  The next blog with be the story of how we came to this place.

If you comment, please be kind.  Your opinion is important, but we have made up our minds and are firmly planted on this pathway.  If you think we are headed in the wrong direction, PLEASE PRAY.  We are always talking to the Father to determine our if we are "wrong" He will show us.  As always you will be in our prayers.

More later... blessings in Hashem, Baruch Hu!