Desert Flower Blooms

Desert Flower Blooms

Monday, September 8, 2008

Holy Spirit Hover

we were, indeed, confused, empty, in darkness, and buried in sin. But the Holy Spirit was "hovering" over us

How lovely a thought is that? Before we acknowledge Yeshua and begin to try to walk in the ways of God, the Holy Spirit; the Ruach Ha Kodesh...the Holy Breath of God HOVERS over us.

I just love that word HOVER. It brings to mind the way a mother watches her newborn sleep in the crib. Just watching with love so overwhelming that she cannot take her eyes away from the miracle at rest. Lovingly, making plans for the child's life. Imagining what they will grow to be and seeing a wonderful, bright future for this tiny bundle of helplessness.

And in a moment, the mother vows, to battle to the death, anyone or anything that would try to harm this precious little life! A fierce love that can turn on a dime from sweetness and life to turbulent fury. Woe to the culprit who comes against this child!

And then, at the slightest sigh from the infant, her reverie is broken and her focus returns to the caring, compassionate gaze that held her there in the first place.

And such is our GOD!

He sees us in our helplessness and need and sends the comforter to console us and let us know...He Hovers Over Us.

Blessed Be He!

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