Desert Flower Blooms

Desert Flower Blooms

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Will Praise HIM

I love God. I really can say that and mean it.

It never ceases to amaze me the things He does 'behind my back' that make my life go more smoothly. The thing that bothers me though is how upset I get when things don't go my way! How in the world could I think that I know better than God? Trouble is, I know I am not alone in this bizarre thinking. I realize that most of the world thinks the same way I do. Adam and Eve did. So why should I think I am any different than them?

It is the human malady I believe. Original sin? I think it is at least part of it. Arrogance, pride, hurt feelings, wounded souls, all come from this selfish way of thinking. I realize now, that this is why Yeshua free me from my-self!

I have to admit I don't do a very good job yeilding to the Holy Spirit most of the time. I spend just a cursory amount of my day talking to God...I mean REALLY talking to God. Oh yes, I pray and have my standard devotions but REALLY taking the time to sit and LISTEN to God? Not much...unless things are NOT going my way. Then God gets an earful. I know that is why God gives us free will...that way we will run to HIM when things are NOT 'right' in our lives.

hmmm, I love God!

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