Desert Flower Blooms

Desert Flower Blooms

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jesus Came to My Door Today

Jesus came to my door today
Hot and sweaty, he'd walked a long way.
He asked for some water and I asked him in.
This is how my story begins.

He told me he had no place to stay
Though he'd asked at some places along the way
He didn't earn enough to foot the bill each day,
Much less have the money for the rent to pay.

Then he told me, though he was fit and able,
He'd worked really hard but had no food for his table.

He was on his way to work and couldn't stay
but I couldn't let him leave with no food for the way.
So I made arrangements, and we shared a meal,
I found transportation to seal the deal.

He was gracious and polite,
kind, sincere and relieved
He said, "Thank you."
and shook my hand as he started to leave.

He looked just like a friend, just an ordinary guy.
Hard on his luck though you could tell he tried.

My heart had been heavy and burdened with care,
But as soon as he left I knew Jesus had been here.
Now I was at peace, my fears set at bay,
Because Jesus came to my door today.

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