Desert Flower Blooms

Desert Flower Blooms

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back to the Beginning

Our whole lives have been focused on returning to the ancient paths, and yet, lately I have let the current events cloud my way.  What have I been thinking?  Obviously, I have veered from the strait and narrow.  It is time to get back on course and follow the original Way!  

Another thing thing that frustrates me is how easily I am swayed.  I know better and still, I get caught up in the latest lashon hara/gossip.  I then begin to make bad decisions and now I am understanding that is why my life ends up in a mess.  I am determined to redirect that negative, pot-stirring voice and replace it with things that are good and lovely and of good report.  Things full of virtue and praise to the One who is above all!

So the original course of action was our move and eventual settlement in community.  And so it will continue to be.  

Each time I stop and take a moment and re-evaluate where I am and where I am headed, it gives me greatest shalom to find the place of origin and retrace my thoughts and actions to find out where I went off course.  Then I can start from that point and change my direction.  

I have always been of the belief that as long as I am in motion, whether I am on the right path or not, the Father will be able to easily move me back to HIS plan.  I have experienced it many a time and I take great comfort in knowing that even though I have "plans" it is Adonai who directs my steps.

And so, I am returning to the beginning of this phase of my life and making some course corrections in order to line up with the Father's will.  I am so grateful He is patient and merciful.

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