Desert Flower Blooms

Desert Flower Blooms

Monday, September 17, 2012

Final Days

The boxes are packed and shipped.  The things are moved out of the apartment.  The cat has found a new home.  Now what?  Now comes the anticipation and prayer and REST!  

This last month, Elul, has been a time of weeding out our lives.  We have discarded the unnecessary items of living in the world.  And with each discard, we made a step closer to the arms of the lover of our soul.  It was painful, but a sweet pain in knowing that on the other side of the pain is pure JOY in His presence.   For the Joy set before Him Yeshua endured the pain of the stake.  It was joy that motivated Him and love for me and you.  And in this season of simchah (joy) may I face my fears and the pain of letting go, in JOY?!

We have been so blessed. It is appropriate that we are moving at the time of the Fall Feasts.  They represent a new beginning in the life of every believer.  They signal the return of our Messiah to set up HIS kingdom on earth.  It is a wake up call to get our houses in order and make ourselves ready for the return of the King of Kings.  

I love this time of the year.  There is a true joy in my heart during the cooler months.  It is refreshing to my physical body and a renewal for my soul.  The heat and the trials of the summer make the heart thirsty and the fall rains provide that much needed drink of water from the streams that flow in the city of Yah.

So, as I wait eagerly for the day we board the train to our new lives, I pray that I am able to soak up all the goodness of Yah.  I want to be renewed and refreshed when we get to our new lives.  I want my heart and my soul to be clean and ready for whatever HE wants to share with me.

Final days to a new beginning...Praise Yah!

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