Desert Flower Blooms

Desert Flower Blooms

Friday, October 17, 2008

I forget, do you?

I was reminded by an email devotion this morning, that the universe does NOT revolve around me. There is a whole world that goes on around me. Other people and their lives that I don't know about. And yet...I am so arrogant to think that what happens to me matters to anyone else.

There is a heavenly realm that is active and moving and growing that I seldom really grasp. I am so temporal, thinking of only those things that are seen and most of the time forgetting the unseen world of the Spirit. Arrogant? Yes. Thankful and in awe when I am reminded? More than I can comprehend.

I have an atheist friend who doesn't believe a spiritual plane exists at all. Everything is science and logic. It makes me sad. I pray that the joy of knowing God will one day be part of this person's experience.

But what I am beginning to understand is that if I do not stop and take notice of the moving of the Spirit of God in and around me, my existance is no better than my friend's! Wow! That is an eyeopener!

So the challenge is to ask myself throughout the day, ''Am I acknowledging God's presence or am I running on human soul power?" Just taking the time to stop and say "Thank you Lord." That is evidence of my belief in a power greater than myself.

I sometimes forget to say 'thanks.' Do you?

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