Desert Flower Blooms

Desert Flower Blooms

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What next?

Patience is the word this morning. I believe that is what the Lord is doing with me right now. It is not easy but I am loving it.

Having a couple of new residents in our home has been very interesting. One is a family member and one is the friend of the family member. The family member was invited, the unexpected surprise.

I have to admit things were a little touch-and-go for the first few days. But now we have settled into a nice semi-routine. And since I have let go of my 'need to control everything,' the tension in the house has subsided.

I have had to really seek the Lord for the patience and understanding necessary to keep myself from drowning in selfishness. My, my, I can be so selfish. I pray God continues to work on me and give me the grace to overcome my self-centered behavior.

Patience. I love it!

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