Desert Flower Blooms

Desert Flower Blooms

Monday, October 20, 2008

I want it ALL

I once told God, "don't make me any more promises and I will never be disappointed." I was crying about something and thought God had not heard my prayers. So I told Him I would never ask HIM for anything again and for Him to keep His promises to Himself.

Ha! I was so naive! The promises of God are all in His Word and He can never take them back! He promises us, abundant joy, His resurrection, we are healed by the stripes that Yeshua bore in His body. We are promised, long life, prosperous days, a solid and sure future.

We are also promised persecution, trials, tribulation, weakness, suffering, pain, want, need ...

So often we forget the "bad" promises. We get angry with God because things are not going 'our way.' Or we find ourselves with some sort of sickness or grief. These too are promised by God. Without them, we would not become LIKE HIM!

People of the "WORD" culture, would make us believe that we can have anything we ask for. And although this is true, they neglect to remind us that the things we ask for come with a price. The greater the miracle the higher the price.

Yes, Yeshua paid our SIN debt, but everything else comes with dying to ourselves...which for most of us is a HIGH price to pay. We must accept God's will in EVERY circumstance to win the victory He has given us in Messiah.

BUT, oh how sweet the Victory, when we have shared in Messiah's suffering!

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